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The Difference between Debt and Equity

When you start a company you would need money to help grow. There are lots of different ways to do that but debt and equity are the most...

What Do Investors Do?

Investors buy shares from the stock market. They buy shares in different companies and hope for their value to increase so their shares...

How Did The Roman Empire End

The Roman empire was very strong and lasted for many generations. They were the most powerful force of their kind, so how did their...

How Do Electric Cars Work

A lot of companies are considering the change to produce electric cars. It is estimated that by 2025 10% of cars will be electric. I...

What Does Your Body Do When You Sleep

When you sleep your body releases hormones which help repair cells and control the body's energy. When you release hormones they heal...

How Do Planes Stay In The Air

Planes are a large part of travel but how do they stay in the air? Planes stay in the air due to the fact that their engines are designed...

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